Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Episode 14: Doughnut Button

Donate, not doughnut button on the website:
Also on:
fibre town podcast group: join the FO giveaway thread!
Thanks to all who left star ratings and reviews on Itunes! (special thanks to one4games and seestephknit)
Show and Tell: only secret knitting
Wips: HD yarn vanilla sock on US 1.5 Karbonz dpn
Old Town by Carol Sunday on US 5 out of BMFA in BFL sport in Winter Solstice
Spinning: Rambouillet from Reflections at Roclans 160 yds 3ply
Important Misc.: MS & W giveaway idea thread
Broken ball winder and needles
Doing a destash! See it here:
Highland Handmades fiber coming!
Donate button
Meduseld giveaway:

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