Thursday, August 28, 2014

Episode 77: A day late and discombobulated

welcome to [lupinownsjacob] (person), [kaypot] (person), [knitsofkin] (person) and [manakhq] (person)!

Summer of S, Huge destash

FO:  husband's hat out of loop handspun in cowgirl colorway

WIPS:  Boneyard shawl out of [gourmetstash] (group) lustre in the the smoke and mirrors colorway on US 6/4mm needles

Honey cowl out of Gourmet Stash Maryland Mermaid handspun singles

Spinning:  scant progress on Gourmet Stash yak/silk in waterweed

Book:  Spinners book of fleece by Beth Smith

Ask FT:  questions # 19 and #25  ([knitspinfarm] (group), [fibertrek] (group) and [yarnivore] (group) !)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Episode 76: How I make a knitter

Welcome to [stringbean] (person), [sharonota] (person) and [legaleagle] (person)!


Washcloth from habu nerimaki cotton
hat from birketa handspun
Design FOs

Wips:  honey cowl from Gourmet stash handspun

sock from phildar folk 100
boneyard shawl from Gourmet stash lustre fingering in smoke and mirrors


Scrap spin (360 yds)
Juliespins Falkland -3 ply 420 yds
Purple/pink handdyed from Dragonfly class

Huge destash !

Ask FT

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Episode 75: Coming to you from the compound

Welcome to [knottygranola](/people/knottygranola) and [pinkfawn](/people/pinkfawn)!

Thanks to [a homespun house podcast](/groups/a-homespun-house-podcast) for the shout out!

Summer of S

[knit1hearttoo](/groups/knit1too) charity shawl drive


wash cloth out of habu nerimaki cotton for the [hudson valley knits](/groups/hudson-valley-knits) senior love-along
honey cowl out of gourmet stash maryland mermaid handspun
vanilla sock out of phildar folk 100
design work


Godiva yarns Falkland 214 yds
Jacob from Yarn Art studio 340 yds
GS yak/silk in waterweed
juliespins falkland in oak creek canyon
spinning scraps

Up and coming:

Outlander weaving
silverscape cardigan
bday knitting
scrap blankets


up, down, all around book
thanks to [fuddone](/people/Fuddone) for the [night owl mitts](/patterns/library/night-owl-mitts)

Ask FT:  niddy noddies and multi-generational compound

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Episode 74: As slippery as waterweed

Welcome to [smorrish] (person)!

Summer of S prizes


Phildar Sock
Design work
mitered blanket


Maryland Mermaid:  750 yds
Yak/silk in waterweed (Outlander!!)
Loop bump in Cowgirl, 143 yds
muga silk/baby camel batts

Bobbin Lace

Ask Fibretown