Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Episode 66: Spinner's Hill Giveaway

Autism Awareness Craftalong
Giveaway!! Gourmet Stash 2 oz of punis in the Spinner’s Hill colorway, plus a GS tote bag
FO: Woven scarf out of Plymouth Jeanee and Gedifra angora/merino
crazy blanket
collywobbles out of enchanted knoll farm in the common grackle colorway
joris out of Elle pure gold dk
handspun hat out of GS blackwatch tartan mega tribbles
GS lucky charms and van gogh’s paintbox punis
mother of dragons hobbledehoy batt
sampling of fleeces:
jacob, cotswold/coopworth and Romney/Border Leicester/Corriedale
Ask Fibretown: oldest wip: granny’s no square and hitchkiker

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