Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Episode 51: Podiversary!!

My usual squeaky clean rating was Shattered this week by a co-host.  She's just quoting me (in real life I talk like a sailor) so do beware if kiddos are watching.  But it's just a B-bomb, and really, it could refer to my female dog.
Thanks to espressoknitter and flaneuse for co-hosting!!!
Welcome to:
benji9 and miazoe--thanks for
Thank you to: ladyfernaco and knitgirl for the wonderful reviews on itunes
Administrative Stuff:
selkhet’s ASPCA fundraiser:;;;.
Donate at above website and write: Fibretown + your rav user name in the comments section for a chance/s to win a $25 Etsy gift card or a skein of Lorna’s Lace’s soulmate in the rainbow colorway, generously donated by Mimers. Thanks to blueruin for the shoutout!
$1-5 =1 entry in giveaway
each subsequent $5=another entry
Show and Tell:
Albers Cowl out of Gourmet Stash handspun
vanila socks in Kroy sing n’ the blues
Follow your arrow Kal by Ysolda Teague out of Hazel knits entice in cherry fizz and artisan sock in sassafras
Milo out of Hazelknits artisan sock in coveralls
swatch out of my Finn handspun
gourmet stash cat of the canals and no one--2 ply 120 yds
Won bags by Bling your String (won in the Sheepish podcast) and sew for ewe (won in sillyfru’s podcast, sassypantsknitter. Sorry for the total and complete brainfail.)
Fibre Space Party!!! Very tinsel. Acquired Lollipop yarns in the movers and shakers colorway. Lea Ann’s Lollipop is in the vintage vibe colorway. Also bought Shelter in World Almanac and Long Johns, and Neighborhood Fibers studio sport in the Charles Centre colorway. Also Dragonfly Traveler in Bad moon Rising. Lea Ann has a neighborhood fibers kit. So many punis!!! I also couldn’t resist the obligatory box of chocolates from Gourmet stash--fibery tribles in salted caramel, mint truffle and raspberry creme.

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