Saturday, December 28, 2013

Episode 47: Oh myyyyy
Show and Tell:
advent scarf out of swans island fingering
Daughter’s hat out of handspun hobbledehoy
purple squares for textured pillow
woven rainbow plaid scarf
Monster cowl out of Hiro leftovers
Oak trail by alana Dakos
Saori warp
Finn for Hiro prize
silk on Tibetan--inspired by Amy Singer
Brown Sheep Nature spun worsted for spindleknitter’s stockings
ply and spin-off magazines
Botanical knits by Alana Dakos
New Chia goo interchangeables in size 9
Boston Terrier sock blockers from jbanducci
Snuggles yarn yarnivore podcast
Up & coming:
follow your arrow by Ysolda Teague
Misc.: Hiro a long! Join in for a great chance to win some of my handspun and a bag by Joannaspring
Check out the “What do you want to hear about/see on the podcast in the future” thread.

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