Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Episode 40: Bottom whorl girl?
Welcome to spiderlady, ellisknitstoo, jellybean and danellemarie.
Oct. and HAL drawings…
Show and Tell:
Turn a square hat for sillyfru’s hats for grammy
vanilla socks out of opal little prince yarn
Hiro by Julia Farwell Clay
Hiro-a-long starts on 11/1 and runs to 1/15/14; tag projects with fthal
GourmetStash punis in fibretown/she’s crafty
Loop bumps in sea grass and sweet pea, 662 yds.
uncle’s hat out of handspun
temperature scarf
textured pillow from Natural Knits for babies and moms
cupcake mittens by spillyjane
mentioned the knitspinfarm podcast

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