Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Episode 35: SVFF

Welcome to [mumof2gg] (person), [miesmama] (person), [eviltwinn2] (person) and [mzpurple] (person)!


Herbaceous socks out of Shalimar Zoe sock in the bark colorway
STR socks in the waterlillies colorway-
Pine Forest blanket out of alpaca handspun
Son’s sweater out of sirdar country dk


Peg loom tutorial from Living Crafts magazine

SVFF in berryville VA:  Spanish Peacock spindles, Meduseld maple syrup, Rosespring Farms soap, gourmet stash punis, Reflections at Roclans Border Leiscester, Davlin farm cotswold/coopworth lamb fleece.

HAL in progress!
Hiro-along starts in November
VERY COOL giveaway next week.

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