Monday, May 6, 2013

episode 16: Special from Maryland Sheep and Wool

No show notes for this one.  Enjoy!!


  1. Thank you for sharing MS and W this way for those of us who couldn't attend. And tell your husband great job on the video.

  2. I LOVE the video!!!!! My love of ethnic sausage has been immortalized on the web! You guys did a GREAT job.....I showed the video to Vince so he could see what the day was like and he got a total kick out of it. This episode was great because you are SO excited about the festival nd it looks like you are trying not to rub all of your purchases on your face as you describe how cuddly they are. Great episode!

    -the Expert Talker

  3. Hello! I have been going through your back episodes as I wait for your next new one to come out and wanted to tell you that this one was truly great! I'm glad you shared it and I always love seeing what people are purchasing in the wonderful world of yarn and fiber!